crawl space vent Smartvent Crawl Space Vent
Smartvent  - Your Best Crawl Space Vent
Proven Product! 15th year of production. Only crawl space vent that underwent an independent year long test where crawl space humidity averaged 46%. 
What you get for your money...
    A warranty 5 times longer than any other electric vent
    A technology of comparing outside and inside airborne moisture   
    A higher air exchange rate than any other crawl space vent
​    Maybe the easiest installation of any electric crawl space vent

You can now get rid of your vapor barrier, which traps moisture under it that can damage the home's foundation.
Attractive front with corrosion free front with black plastic flange and polished aluminum louvers  1/8" stainless steel insect screen
Internal housing is heavy gauge steel with 50% more zinc than standard

Intelligent Crawl Space Ventilation
Wet Crawl Space
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